London, Day 2

After a good eleven or twelve hours of sleep, J and I woke up refreshed and ready to go.  Except we needed to transport our stuff to another hotel first.  We grabbed breakfast at the Club Quarters restaurant – the selection had a surprisingly good escargot (also known as pain au raisin) and really, really fluffy bread.  With some fuel in our tummies, we grabbed our luggage, J ran to the nearest Underground station to refill our Oysters, and we walked the block down to the bus stop.  We took a bus like this and then transferred to another bus at Waterloo Station.


For the next few nights, we stayed at the Park Plaza Riverbank, which was situated alongside the Thames.  A bridge nearby offered this glorious view:


We walked across said bridge and explored the area around Westminster Abbey for awhile.  J and I like to wander down small streets.



I have a thing for colorful doors. Artsy shot courtesy of J.

And then we walked around the outside of Westminster Abbey.  As it was a Sunday, the church was not open for sightseeing.  Ah well.  J and I continued to wander.  We walked along St. James Park, where J took lots of pictures of ducks and swans.  At one point, I realized that I had lost J somewhere along the path.  Suddenly, I see J running up towards me.  I asked him what happened – his response?  “I was trying to take a picture of a pigeon.”  Except he didn’t even get the picture…


After finding a sporting goods store and picking up a fleece-y long sleeve shirt for me, we noticed on Google Maps that Fortnum and Mason was nearby.


Fortnum and Mason reminded me of New York’s Dean and Deluca.  Except a little bit bigger.  J picked up a slice of game pie, while I got a baby fruit scone.


We took our goods and continued the wandering.  We found Savile Row:


…Regent Street:


I loved London’s curved buildings.


…And a Whole Foods!  I finally got my St. John’s donut, unfortunately not the custard one, but the jelly-filled donut was still quite good…


…while J bought some yogurt and salami.  Or is it salumi?

Mickey Mouse shaped!

Mickey Mouse shaped!

Then, we remembered that we were supposed to be heading to the British Museum.  Which was set to close in less than two hours.  So, we hightailed it and ate along the way.


We made it to the museum and had just enough time to see the Rosetta Stone…


…lots of big status and sculptures…


…and mummies!


It was not too long before the guards announced the museum was closing and rushed us out.  J and I enjoyed the sun on the front lawns of the museum for a bit.  Guess who came along?


Then we were kicked out of there too.  We walked a bit more and spent some time in Covent Garden, enjoying the many street artists.

This guy made a kid and two grown men dress up in tutus and do ballet poses.

This guy made a kid and two grown men dress up in tutus and do ballet poses.

Soon, J and I heard our tummies grumbling, so we put our names down for a table at Dishoom.  We waited downstairs at the bar and enjoyed a glass of rose and some skate chips.


A not-too-long wait and we were seated at our table.


Everything looked so good!


Kacchi Lamb Biryani – marinated lamb and rice cooked together in
the traditional Hyderabadi style


Murgh Malai – chicken thigh meat steeped overnight in
garlic, ginger, coriander stems and a little cream


House Black Daal – a Dishoom signature dish



Following the yummy meal, we headed back to the hotel.  The twilight offered pretty views of everything along the Thames.


And that was day 2.


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