Posting three weekends in a row?  Amazing, right?  Also amazing what one can fit into a weekend when one doesn’t have to study for the CFA. 🙂

Friday night = dumpling party night!  I took the train into New York and met up with J and a few of our friends for a dumpling-making party.  The whole works – handmade dumpling skins and filling (pork/jiu cai and pork/cabbage).  We made more than 150 dumplings.  Don’t worry, not all were consumed.  A good number are currently living in our friends’ freezers.

We originally had plans to go hiking on Saturday, but twas a gloomy/rainy day.  I slept in instead, and J and I proceeded to spend the good part of the day trying to figure out the fastest/cheapest way to get to Edinburgh from Scotland.  Train prices are expensive!!  We ended up booking a train from London to Edinburgh and a flight from Edinburgh back to London.  We got some other trip planning done too, including booking a day tour from Edinburgh.  I’m pretty excited for this trip!

Around 3pm, I was getting annoyed by all the train/ticket websites, so J and I went out for a walk through Central Park down to Columbus Circle.  Except the walk turned into a mad sprint when we began seeing lightning and hearing thunder.  And then…*plunk* *plunk plunk* *POUR*  I haven’t seen such heavy rain in a long time – needless to say, we were totally drenched by the time we made it to Columbus Circle.  Squishy sneakers for the rest of the day!  (And we both threw away our socks.)  We bode our time in Columbus Circle, waiting for the rain to stop.  As soon as it did, we began the walk back, stopping at Trader Joe’s for some dinner supplies (gnocchi and pesto) and snacks (pound plus chocolate bar, dried persimmons).

After church today, J and I went for a typical J + X snacking mission exploration.*

We started at Zabar’s because J was hungry.  J was enticed by the hot smoked salmon samples (I have to admit, the guy handing out the samples was very persuasive) and I by the knishes.


Sweet Potato Knish

Sweet Potato Knish


Hot Smoked Salmon

Hot Smoked Salmon

And where best to eat our snacks than in the middle of traffic?  Literally.  Only in New York are benches placed in the medians…

View from our benches!

View from our benches!

With that to tide us over, we began our walk down Broadway towards Union Square (J wanted to go shop for a pair of shoes for our London trip).

Took a quick break for key lime pie from a stand in Mad. Sq. Eats selling key lime pies from Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies.  (I think I just said “key lime pie” three times in one sentence…)  We justified our purchase with the fact that it’s super difficult to go to the actual retail location.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

And we ate said pie in Madison Square Park while people-watching.  Actually, I was people-watching.  J was dog-watching.

View across Madison Square Park

View across Madison Square Park

Many doggies walked past us.  That made J happy.

Many doggies walked past us. That made J happy.


Then it was down to Union Square, except I remembered a new bakery that I had read about on various blogs and in the newspaper.  Of course, we had to go to Breads Bakery.  The smell of baked goodness greets you as soon as you walk in the door.  And they had samples of various goodies to try (olive bread, cinnamon roll, different breads…mmm…).  J and I settled on a loaf of the cereal bread, which has already disappeared far too quickly tonight.


Finally, we made it to Nordstrom Rack and J successfully picked up a pair of shoes.  Sub back to the UWS, stop at Best Yet for 49 cent a pound watermelon, and now home.  Puerto Rico next weekend, and London the week after!

*This snacking mission exploration initially had the goal of getting a cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery.  As is likely obvious, however, we ate too much during the journey and never made it to the cronut promised land.  Next time!


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