Mayday mayday!

The weather was beautiful this weekend and, thanks to some Walgreens knock-off of Claritin-D (funnily named as Wal-itin-D), allergies were kept to a minimum.

Friday night, J had some classmates over for dinner.  J made enough kale salad to serve a small army, steak, and bo ssam (slow roasted pork), which was accompanied by rice, lettuce (for making wraps), and several tasty sauces.  No pictures, unfortunately!

Saturday, J woke up early to work on a take-home final.  Four hours later, we headed out.  It was J’s first free weekend in ages!  We went down to the Highline, then Chelsea Market, and then explored West Village.  Flowers were blooming everywhere.



We happened upon a church and wandered inside the gates, where we found a beautiful, expansive garden.




We passed by a stark white store (no, it wasn’t Apple!) – I looked in the window…and saw candy!!  Of course, I had to go in.  Where were we?  Sockerbit! Gummies, licorice, more gummies, more licorice.  J and I browsed through all the containers and picked up a nice sampling of Swedish gummies and licorice.

So many choiceeees - how to choooooose?

So many choiceeees – how to choooooose?

We finally went to Bien Cuit, where we (read: J) mulled over all the delicious options before settling on the Broa de Milho and an apple cardamom danish.  We ate the latter while sitting by the window and gazing all the people walking by.  Lots of denim jackets and maxi dresses lately!

Broa de Milho: Corn & Wheat Flours, Fermented with Milk

Broa de Milho: Corn & Wheat Flours, Fermented with Milk

Apple Cardamom Danish: Puréed Apple, Cardamom Streusel

Apple Cardamom Danish: Puréed Apple, Cardamom Streusel

After that, J thought it would be fun to walk up and down random streets to cover the entire area.  We ultimately ended up in Soho, and after some quick browsing at Bloomingdales, went to a bookstore to do some research on London and Edinburgh.

And then it was time to meet up with some of my friends.  Dinner at Congee Bowery then karaoke (my first time!).

Sunday involved church, lots and lots of Pricelining/researching/booking hotels (but we finalized all of our London and Edinburgh hotels in one day!), and a brief trip to Smorgasburg.  Oh yeah, and starfruit and watermelon:



And a visit to the newly opened Birch Coffee after church.

Cold brewed ice coffee

Cold brewed ice coffee



Good coffee is an expensive habit, yo.  But a tasty one!



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