Upside down, round and round

I will have to do a quick recap of what happened in the months of January, February, and March (…and most of April) at some point.  But for now, take a look at what happened this beautiful weekend.

Friday, I took the train straight into Grand Central (something I haven’t done in awhile, given that J lives closer to the 125 St. stop).  J met me near Bryant Park, and we walked down to Hakata Tonton to meet some friends (after making a quick detour at Astor Wines to pick up two bottles of red – J has been loving rioja lately).

A porky dinner awaited.  To whet the appetite, some sashimi:


Kampachi Sashimi served with garlic ponzu sauce and wasabi leaf (left) and with sesame soy sauce hakata style (right)


Whelk Sashimi

And then two small plates of pork trotters (or, less glamorously known as pig’s feet).  Here’s a (horrible) picture of one of the plates – apparently J was too eager to dig in that he couldn’t take a focused picture (funny because it’s true).  The other came with a spicy garlic sauce.


Grilled Pork Tonsoku with scallion and ponzu sauce

And then…the main attraction:


Hakata Tonton Hot Pot a specialty of hakata, japan. collagen broth, tofu, dumplings, vegetables, berkshire pork belly & tonsoku

Buried under mountain of leeks and cabbage was a glorious, collagen-y, porky broth.  The veggies quickly cooked down and we eagerly consumed it all.  And then asked for four servings of ramen.  Only to get shut down by the waitress, who had been commenting all night about how quickly and how much we were eating.  We weren’t really eating that quickly!!

Us: We would like the ramen, please.

Her: How many servings?http://wordpress.com/#!/post/

Us: (Look around at each other) Four?  Yeah, four.

Her: (In disbelief) Four?!  Are you sure?  How about two?

Us: Are you sure two is enough?  Ok…I guess we’ll get two.

I wish I had a picture of the amount of ramen that she thought would be enough…and of our faces when we saw how much “two” servings of ramen was (pretty much a normal block of ramen).  Don’t worry, we quickly asked for another order of two servings of ramen.  And all was well again.

And then we had dessert.  Not too sweet, perfect ending to the meal.


Matcha green tea tofu


Creme brulee with black sesame ice cream

The black sesame ice cream was incredibly black sesame-y…as our friend quipped, just like black sesame paste…but cold (in a good way!).

J and I got back after midnight, and then woke up bright and early (ok, maybe 8 am isn’t that early) for a journey with his classmates to a mystery destination.  After a scramble to find some coffee (I picked up Starbucks after J told me he got iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts that tasted like iced half and half), we hopped on the bus that would take us…somewhere.

And where was that somewhere?  We eventually realized that the destination was Six Flags Great Adventure!  Hooray – I was pretty excited because it’s been on my list of places to visit.

First up?  The Kingda Ka!  J felt some trepidation (or…a lot of trepidation, if trepidation can be quantified?) by the straight up and down of this rollercoaster, which looks a lot more intimidating in person than in the picture.  It basically towered over every other ride in the park.


The rollercoaster begins with a zero to 128 mph straight shot that then takes you up, over the hump, down into a helix, and over a hill.  The ride lasted all of 50 seconds?  Too quick to really be terrified.  Check out what the speed of the ride did to J’s hair!


And then we waited a bajillion hours in line for the Superman.


After a break for lunch…which involved a footlong corndog…


We rode El Toro (my favorite of the day!), Bizarro, and Batman.  And then it was time to head back.  J and I were pooped by the time we got home, though J was super excited about the watermelon he had in the fridge.  (Fun fact: J’s been eating a watermelon a day since the local grocery store began carrying them.  Ok, I exaggerate.  Half a watermelon a day.)

And today?  Church in the morn, coffee afterwards (where the barista made fun of me for putting milk in my coffee), Whole Foods, Crumbs for a (free) cupcake, and then I wandered around by myself for a bit (which involved a run back to Club Monaco to save thirty bucks) while J did work at home.  Laundry, dinner, and now the weekend is almost done.  Ah, can’t wait for the next one!

Oh yeah, J made pork trotters for dinner.  Because Friday’s uber porky meal just wasn’t enough…




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