Summer Adventures

A little behind on the updates so here goes:

X and I attended our friend’s wedding at the end of June in New Jersey.  The bride and groom both went to school with us and the groom is one of my best friends.  It was a beautiful event and we got to see a bunch of old classmates.
This picture was taken from the reception.  Dancing soon ensued (well X danced and I flailed limbs about).

Mitsuwa Market, “the largest Japanese supermarket in the US,” was conveniently located along the route home.  We had been to another of their locations last year in Los Angeles (interestingly enough for another friend’s wedding), and the New Jersey store was similar in layout and content.

Hungry from a deliberately skipped breakfast, we made the food court our first target.  Amongst the bevy of eateries, Santoka drew my eye with its long line of patrons queued up for ramen.

As I waited in line, X performed a preliminary exploration of the rest of the market and came back with drinks.

I ordered a single large bowl of miso ramen for us to share as there were many other things to try.  It was porky and delicious.

Fortified with our semi-meal, we started a thorough examination of the market.  We didn’t get far before we picked up…

Some really excellent soft-serve from the Ito En stand.  We got sesame and roasted green tea.

The market itself had a large prepared foods section along with a great selection of fresh sashimi.  We picked up a couple things that caught our eye and went back to the food court for meal #2.

Fish cake skewer and salmon sashimi.


Of course, X wouldn’t pass up an opportunity for fresh made glutinous rice flour pastries so we picked up a pair on our way out.  Cute and delicious – an unsettling juxtaposition of words.
Red bean filling – this one did not survive the drive home.

Cream filling – pretty sure X took care of most of this one

A week and a half after the wedding, I kidnapped X to…


Well actually Detroit, but Windsor is right across the river and X likes to poke fun.

I took her around my old hometown(s) and schools and we soaked up the suburbianess of it all.  There are a bunch of malls in the area and this particular mall reminded us a lot of Katy Mills.

Hungry from wandering the Katy Mills clone, we stopped for some iconic Detroit-style pizza at Buddy’s.  Verdict: awesome crust, great-but-wish-there-was-more-on-top sauce, greasy, food-coma inducing, delicious.

The next day we went to visit downtown Detroit and stopped by Astro’s first for some really great coffee.

Next door to Astro’s is Slows Barbeque.  Who would have thought?  Great, slow smoked, barbeque in Detroit of all places.

We ordered a platter with ribs and brisket.  I didn’t find the brisket to be that special but the ribs were some of the best I’ve had.  Apparently X has had bbq everything but in Houston – we may need to rectify that come Thanksgiving.

We then went to park by the Renaissance center, and went for a stroll along the river.

X misread the bottom sign as “No Feeding on Wildlife”.  Apparently Michigan in her mind is still an untamed wilderness and we are all but savages 😉

Although… I’m not sure this sign we came across helped:

All in all, I think she had a good trip


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