This week has been both a quick and a slow one.  Up to Boston on Monday, back home on Tuesday, down to New York yesterday…and here I am.  J’s having an incredibly busy week at work though, so I have free range of his room.

I guess I have some catching up to do.  As I no longer recall the exact happenings of prior weekends, random photos will have to suffice.

Although our Groupon and Groupon-esque purchases have decreased to nearly non-existent of late, J and I still have a few that we need to use up.  Including one for 16 Handles that was to expire two weekends ago.

This is what $10 worth of frozen yogurt + toppings looks like.

And one for Dominique Ansel, where we picked up three [decidely not French portion size] croissants – one plain, a ham and cheese, and a pain au chocolat.  What beats sitting on a bench outside a pastry shop munching on flakey, buttery goodness while people-watching on a warm spring day?  (Isn’t it amazing how many prepositions populate the previous sentence?)

Pain au chocolat

Ham and cheese croissant

Oh!  And I have a funny story from my time in Boston awhile ago.  While there, I drank a gazillion bottles of bottled water.  One day, I noticed a bottle deposit machine in a Stop and Shop.  Thinking I’d do the earth some good and get some pocket change in the process, I collected a paper bag full of bottles [Exhibit 1].

Exhibit 1

Turns out, none of the plastic bottles count.  The picky machine decided that only the big brown glass bottle merited paying up a few cents.  Five, to be exact [Exhibit 2].

Exhibit 2

And lastly, some pictures I thought my camera ate, but turned out to be taken with Jason’s phone camera.

“Studying” at Voltage Coffee and Art.


Pastry-hunting at Clear Flour Bread.




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