Orange you glad you’re not a pommelo?

Lately I’ve been spending the first hour or so of my day at Willoughby’s studying for the CFA.  It’s slightly more productive than trying to read in the evening (albeit slightly more expensive, as well).  The studying goes by a little more quickly when accompanied by intermittent sips of coffee and warm sunlight streaming through the windows.  I’ve been splurging on Willoughby’s Serious Select coffees lately – this morning’s selection was the Arianna Farms Ono Kona.

One way to start every morning...

Even though today was only my third time there in two weeks, I’ve already begun to notice the morning regulars – a guy who takes his coffee black and appears to be writing/studying for something or other and a middle-aged couple reading the newspaper and having a leisurely start to the day, among others.  Meanwhile, a flurry of people are in and out after grabbing their cuppa morning joe.  (I bet you’re wondering how much studying I’m getting done while observing the comings and goings of Willoughby’s customer base at 8am…right?)

And then it’s off to work.

I was amused by the size of the orange that I had as a snack in the afternoon.

I'm an orange. Hear me roar.

I emailed the picture above to J, who responded a few hours later with this:

This is a pommelo. It doesn't count.

My orange still wins the size competition, but I was hugely amused nonetheless.


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