Boston, briefly

February has come and gone.  My three weeks in Boston absolutely flew by.  I wish I had a full recap…but here are some odds and ends:

On our initial drive up to Beantown, J and I stopped in Providence, Rhode Island to do a little exploring.  Finding parking was a pain (the same could be said for the ensuing three weeks), but we eventually were able to make our way around the city.  We walked along Providence River before heading up College Hill to stroll around Brown University’s campus, then to Prospect Terrace Park, where we got great views of the city.

Random yellow house that made me happy 🙂

Roger Williams...with "pumped up kicks"

After an afternoon of adventure, we were getting hungry – an hour or so of driving still separated us from dinner in Boston, but we hightailed it directly to Boston’s Chinatown.  After incredible difficulty locating parking (involving circling the area three times…yikes), we settled on Gourmet Dumpling House.  The place was packed and we had a slight wait – I took advantage of the time to buy a few pastries from nearby bakeries.  And finally, it was time for food.  An order of beef fried noodles and a gimongous seafood clay pot (it took up our entire table, no kidding) later, we were happily full and ready for our first night in a new place.

Pre-Valentine’s Dinner

The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, J and I picked up two live lobsters from James Hook and Co., as well as some clams and oysters from another seafood market in downtown Boston.  J made me leave the living room before dinner…and when he let me back in half an hour later, the room was lit with tea candles floating in bowls and pots of all different sizes.

Another day, another new adventure

The following day, before sending J off on his six hour Bolt Bus trip back to NYC, we stopped in Chinatown again for an early dinner.  First stop: Xinh Xinh.

Beef ball soup


And then it was bakery time!  We picked up several sweets and pastries to go, but finished this little guy in the car before even leaving our parking spot.  [Somewhat related, I discovered a love for the paper-wrapped sponge cakes during my time in Boston.  I had too many to count.]

Brown sugar/rice cake thingie

Already the last weekend in Boston?

The following weekend – my last in Boston – J kindly hiked up to Soutine Bakery in Manhattan’s Upper East side to use up a soon-to-expire Groupon.  He came to Boston bearing challah, ginger spice bread, a generous slice of coconut cake, and a beautiful (and delicious) apricot tart.

Coconut cake from Soutine Bakery

Apricot tart

That weekend, we also went to dim sum with some friends and then wandered around Newbury Street.  I had a mission in mind – Hotel Chocolat.

Mission complete.



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