Catch up (and mustard)

A few weeks ago – three, to be precise – we had a burst of absolutely glorious weather.  A high in the mid-fifties?  In January?  Must take advantage.  And so we did.

Of course, there is no better way to begin a sunny day than with a square (or two) of smooth, rich chocolate.

J lives quite close to the start of the High Line, the elevated park that runs from 30th down to 14th.  And so we strolled, taking in the sun and scenery.

A view down 23rd St from the High Line

We descended from the High Line to Chelsea Market, as I was starting to get hungry, but the search for a snack proved fruitless.  I wasn’t quite craving what CM had to offer.  So we continued towards the West Village, where J found an “appetizer”: a regular slice from Bleeker Street Pizza.

J was still hungry though, and when we walked by Thelassa, he couldn’t resist.  The Chapli Roll was hot and tasty.



All the snacking fueled us for the walk back.  I forget what happened the rest of the evening, but I do know this was part of it.  A chocolate tart from Bouchon Bakery – a nice surprise from J on Friday night, but we didn’t dig into it until Saturday evening.

And the day after?  Sunday began with a pistachio croissant picked up along the way to Redeemer.  Like chocolate, another great way to begin a day, yeah?


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