The past few weeks have been a blur – here goes a recap of last Saturday.

Friday night I arrived at J’s apartment to witness an absolute mess of half full (or half empty) cardboard boxes, cookware and clothing and odds and ends strewn all over the place.  Packing was slow – it probably didn’t help that I only sporadically helped…spending most of my time sitting on a stool at the counter “supervising” and snacking on chips and chocolate.  And then I fell asleep at 2, though the packing continued for a few more hours.  The movers came bright and early on Saturday morning, and they epitomized efficiency.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a scrawny guy move a mattress by himself with such ease!  Impressive.  Anyway, after all the boxes and furniture had been loaded onto the moving truck, we made our way over as well (but not before I left my cellphone at the old apartment and had to backtrack).

A few hours of unpacking ensued…

And then it was time to head out and enjoy some sun.  J and I headed down to the High Line and sauntered down to Meatpacking.  With me a little sleep deprived and him a lot sleep deprived, we decided coffee was mandatory.  Where and what?  Everyman Espresso and a cortado and pour-over.  I probably derive too much joy from a good cup of coffee.


A little less bleary-eyed, we walked to the East Village to go to Spot Dessert Bar.

Fork and spoon, let me introduce you to sugar and more sugar.

Bacon and date cupcake

More where those came from

Thai tea creme brulee

Chocolate green tea lava


Lava cleanup?

All three were quite good, though I think my favorite was the Thai tea creme brulee.  Creamy and light and rich all at the same time.  Best part?  It wasn’t too sweet.

Halfway through the desserts, I realize the sheer amount of sugar we were about to consume.  The following conversation takes place:

Me: “Is it concerning that we just had three desserts?”
J: *Shrugs*
J: “What’s more concerning is that all we’ve had to eat today is coffee, pineapple tarts, cashews, more coffee and three desserts.”

And with that, we cleaned our plates.

To walk off some of the sugar, we headed south to Chinatown for some groceries.

An hour later, we were back in J’s new apartment.  For dinner?  Eggs scrambled with little silvery fish and enoki/veggie soup.

Picture that was taken after a desperate search for our camera which J feared was lost (it wasn't).


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