Picture-less post

I had an haircut appointment early Saturday, and J decided to tag along. After I had a ton of hair chopped off, we went to the farmers’ market for a snack of chocolate milk, an apple, and a pear. And to continue our croissant tour across New York, we had a croissant from Francois Payard Bakery in Soho. Why can’t I find a croissant that’s as good as the ones found in Paris? Oh why oh why… FPB’s croissant was tasty, but I’m still searching for something even better.

Then, it was a 60 block trek to Bloomingdale’s to pick up my (hemmed) pants. We got back to J’s apartment a little past three – having not eaten lunch, but of us were quite hungry, so we ate a delicious lunch/dinner of roast chicken (roasted by J himself!)/egg/sauteed mushrooms/tomato/scallion/onion sandwich on a toasted Balthazar baguette. At 4:30. No kidding. I felt old. Who eats dinner before 5 except old grannies?? Post our early bird dinner, we watched Bridesmaids, which had some pretty funny moments. To feel young again (haha), we went out to a bar for a birthday celebration of a friend. Except we left around midnight. Le sigh.

Sunday – after church, J was nice and thoughtful and took me to Laduree, which just opened a storefront in New York. Except I got grumpy. Long story, but I had expressed hesitancy to go to the NYC Laduree because I didn’t feel like it would live up to the Parisian experience. But serious – who gets grumpy when taken to Laduree?? Or a patisserie of any sort? Oh right, me. Oops. Sorry J. I wish I had pictures of the three macarons that we picked up – orange blossom, cinnamon raisin, and rose. They were beautiful and tasty (and expensive at $2.70 each!!), though I still have to say – I think I’ll wait until the next time I’m in Paris to step into Laduree and gorge on macarons and other tasty treats.

I was un-grumpified by the time we walked through Central Park though, and went with J to check out his new apartment. Once again, by the time we got back, we were starving…and ate dinner around 5. Another le sigh. And that was the end of my weekend, as I had a train to Boston to catch!


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