Rolling along

Awhile ago, I made J buy a LivingSocial deal for an all day bike rental from Mr. C’s Cycles.  Somehow, I forgot to pay attention to the actual location of the shop, which turned out to be nearly an hour long journey from J’s apartment.  Nonetheless, J and I woke up bright and early on Saturday.  Ok, not that early – we got up at 8 and managed to make it out of the apartment by 9:10.  Despite sprinting to the G subway station, we managed to just miss the 9:18 train…so I made grumpy faces at J while we waited ten minutes for the next train.  After a transfer and a short walk, we arrived at the bike shop and picked up our bikes for the day.  And then we were off!

The plan was to bike along the Hudson Greenway, which runs from the very southern tip of Manhattan to the very northern tip.  First, we had to make our way to and across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Afterwards, we traversed across Manhattan to the Greenway, but not without a pit stop for coffee at RBC and a snack at a farmers’ market that we chanced upon.  I admit, I am officially a coffee snob – there are few foods that I hold to very high standards, but coffee has certainly become one of them.  Thankfully, New York has wonderful coffee places abound.  RBC didn’t disappoint.

Love the cork cup slip.

J got the pretty heart on his cortado.

Fueling for the long journey ahead.

After the coffee infusion, we began our ride up to the tip of Manhattan.  Approximately an hour or so later…

The Little Red Lighthouse (apparently it's famous and has its own book...)

George Washington Bridge

Manhattan - see the Empire State building?

Hudson River

From there, it was a short ride to the end of the path.

We made it!

By then, we had about 3 and a half hours to make it back down to Brooklyn.  Of course, we made time for a detour to Silver Moon Bakery.  I guarded the bikes while J went inside to choose a few goodies.  He came out bearing a warm croissant and a beautiful millefeuille.  The croissant was flaky and shattery and buttery and…delicious.  Though J might disagree, I felt that it still wasn’t as good as some of the ones that we had in Paris.  Oh, Paris.

FRESH out of the oven. No kidding. Can you smell the buttery yumminess?

The millefeuille was good as well, though nothing particularly special.

This made for messy eating.

We probably looked a little ridiculous standing outside the bakery eating a millefeuille out of our hands.  Probably not what a Parisian would do.  Oh well.

After our little detour, we pretty much hightailed it back to Brooklyn – with the mild hills providing a slight challenge.  J and I toughed it out and made it back to the bike shop with 30 minutes to spare (the store closes at 6).

And guess what was a block away?  Brooklyn’s Chinatown!  Of course, we walked over.  Two skewers of lamb from a street cart were not enough to tame J’s hunger, so we ended up eating dinner at a small restaurant named Everett.  Razor clams, fish ball soup, and bean sprouts.

Later that night, we watched Black Swan while resting our legs and snacking on pretzels (mainly just me).  Strange movie!!  But a great day.


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