But no pictures 😦  The camera didn’t leave J’s apartment this weekend – which was just as well, for we got caught in the rain both Saturday and Sunday.

After I spent the afternoon at Bloomingdale’s trying on Theory suits, J and I went to EN Japanese Brasserie Saturday night, where we enjoyed their (warm) freshly-made tofu with wari-joyu, miso black cod, stoned grilled organic chicken, and assorted mushrooms in a soy milk hot pot.  The tofu was amazing – silky and rich, and presented beautifully in a little wooden box with a little wooden spatula.  The black cod was rich and buttery…in a way that I never knew cod could be.  Turns out black cod is actually sablefish – and not part of the cod family at all!

Sunday, I dragged J back to Bloom’s, where I re-tried on suits and then made J try on nearly every coat that the store had in stock.  The shopping (or lack thereof) made J hungry, and we went to Victory Garden for a snack of goat’s milk soft serve.  After sampling all four flavors – tangy original, chocolate, salted caramel, and The Healing Powers of India (yes, that was the name of a flavor) – we settled on the latter two.  The salted caramel was creamy and salty and caramelly, but my favorite was The Healing Powers of India, which is a blend of tumeric, ginger, carrots, and nigella seeds.  I loved how it was sweet, but not too sweet, with a soft flavoring from all the spices.  I really wished I had a camera then; the soft serve was the prettiest yellow.  Unfortunately, the rain began to fall as we finished the last bites of our frozen goodness, and we ended up sprinting to the nearest subway station.  Thankfully, my purse didn’t get wet – great use of J’s Economist, right?


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