I-rene I-wasn’t

Last weekend turned out to be rather uneventful, despite the fact that every TV channel was forecasting the wrath of Irene.  On Friday, I decided a modicum of preparedness might be good, so I bought two boxes of cereal, some beef jerky, pear-scented tea candles (which I’m sure would have been a great idea had the electricity actually gone out), and two lighters.  Oh, and a gallon of water.  But that was it.

Saturday, the rain had not yet begun, so J and I ventured out for a walk, first to the farmers’ market, where we saw gigantic sunflowers growing in a garden.  These sunflowers towered over me, and the center of each flower was easily the size of my face.  Then, we went to Shaw’s…where water was pretty much sold out, and people were loading their shopping carts with chips, dip, beer, donuts, and all sorts of junk food.  Meanwhile, J and I picked up a lot of fruit – plums, peaches, watermelon.  For dinner, J made a lamb stew with napa and a variety of mushrooms – enoki, shitake, king oyster, and white button mushrooms.  As the rain began to fall, we settled in and watched The Adjustment Bureau.

The rain fell and the wind blew, but not much occurred beyond that.  Power stayed on, cable and Internet were undisrupted (thank goodness!).  Sunday morning, there wasn’t much left of Irene besides some strong winds.  So we ate some watermelon while observing the trees blow outside my window.

And then I decided we should go explore and see if any damage had actually occurred.  The winds were still a little strong at this time, so we tried our best to avoid walking under trees.  Lest this happen while we were walking by…

This was really the only thing we saw that was worth a picture.

But really, all we saw were lots of leaves and branches on the ground.  And very empty streets.

Before we headed back, J wanted to check out the wind tunnel that we had discovered back in February.  (Remember this post?)  And the wind tunnel was still as intense as ever, if not more.  Too bad this picture can’t capture the crazy wind blowing through. I’m fairly sure the wind blowing between the buildings reached at least 40-50 mph.  At least.

After laughing in the wind for a bit, we wandered back indoors.  And ate more watermelon 🙂



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