This is actually a post about last weekend.  But the lateness is all Comcast’s fault.  My Internet was broken between Monday and Thursday.  The lack of an Internet connection was nice, actually – I watched 2/3 of an episode of the Bachelor Pad read.  An actual book.  Well, I still have 40 pages left, but it’s progress, right?

So.  Last weekend.  J and I walked down to Smorgasburg again, and we actually got some real food this time.  In the form of sesame noodles.  These were good (but I have to say, J’s might be better).

Shorty Tang's Sesame Noodles

Then, I couldn’t resist going back to Blue Bottle for another ice coffee.  I kept wavering back and forth, but I gave in…and my wallet became $4.50 lighter.  The price I pay to keep my tummy happy.

The real black gold.

We took our coffee to go and walked towards, and then across, the Williamsburg Bridge.  J wanted to check out Essex Street Market, so we did.  From Pain D’Avignon, we picked up three rolls to snack on (we forgot to take a picture of the third, a raisin walnut roll).

Olive roll


On our way down to Chinatown to pick up supplies for making douhua, we checked out Hester Street Fair…but it was tiny and we were too full to partake.  A few blocks later, though, we were ready for some longan.  The first stand that we saw was selling incredibly fresh longan for $3 a pound.  Later on, we found cheaper stands, but the longan there were a bit smaller and a little less fresh.

At the Union Square farmers’ market, we bought a lot of cherry tomatoes and some other fruit/veggies.  These orange Sungolds taste just like candy.

I love the color.

So much so that I couldn't resist taking another picture the next day.

By the time we headed back to J’s apartment, we were weighed down with a variety of groceries that we gotten from Chinatown, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and the farmers’ market.  That night, J made ceviche for dinner with some mahi mahi.  I don’t think J’s mastered the art of cooking small portions yet.  But he does make some delicious food.

Actual portions in picture are larger than they appear. This is a large glass mixing bowl. No kidding.

Sunday was supposed to be a rainy day.  It never did.  We pay weather forecasters to do what exactly??

Anyway, I’d thought that making soy milk and douhua would be a fun rainy day activity.

Soybeans post-soak and pre-blend.

Stir stir stir.

Some of the best soy milk I've ever tasted - thick and creamy and oh so flavorful.

Unfortunately, the douhua didn't turn out quite as yummy (or photogenic). Oh well.


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