Thousand layers

Weekends are fun, even when the temperature is in the 90s and humidity is up the wazoo.  Even though I diligently carried around the camera this weekend (in lieu of my purse), I managed to not take pictures of everything we did / ate.  But here goes!

The 7 train was down this weekend (surprise surprise), so J and I decided to mosey down to Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg, a self-termed food bazaar in Williamsburg.  The walk down was hot, and when we got there, neither of us were too hungry.  We checked out all the stands – and there were many – but ultimately only got four doughnut holes from Dough.  I liked the denseness of the doughnut holes, and will have to try their unique offerings sometime when it’s not a bajillion degrees outside and the only thing I want to eat is ice cream.

After our weak showing at Smorgasburg, J and I walked to nearby Blue Bottle for some iced coffee (technically our second of the day, but I’m really bad at sharing coffee…)

Too bad I forgot to take a picture until milk had already been added and half of it was gone!

The ice coffee was Kyoto-style, meaning it was made from a slow dripper.  Apparently, it takes more than ten hours to bew 1.5 liters.  This stuff was delicious – intense – very intense – and almost syrupy.

Kyoto ice coffee in the making - reminds me of titrators from science class...

I had originally thought about walking across the Williamsburg bridge over to Manhattan, but nixed that idea given the heat.  So, we walked back.  But not without a stop at Peter Pan Bakery first.  J picked up three doughnuts for his roommate and one for us.

Cream crumb doughnut

Peter Pan Bakery makes some incredible doughnuts.  Great texture – light, but still substantial, and the flavors are spot on with a sweet yeastiness.  Really, though, doughnuts are all about the texture for me.  Give me a pleasantly dense doughnut, throw some sweet glaze on top, and I’m good.

That night, J and I made our mushroom barley risotto again.  Well, I contributed by chopping mushrooms.  J somehow thinks its a fair trade that I do laundry and he does the cooking.  I’ll let him continue to think that.  Then we watched Source Code.  Oh Jake Gyllenhaal.

Sunday, after church, we finally managed to cross off another item on our summer to-do list.  Lady M!

Bakery that thinks it's an Apple store.

Mille crepe cake

Beautiful packaging...that we broke into about 2 seconds after taking this picture.

Crepe, pastry cream, crepe, pastry cream, crepe, pastry...ok, you get it now.

At $7.50 a slice, this baby is not for frequent consumption.

After enjoying our slice of cake, we headed towards Chinatown to meet some of J’s high school friends.  We stopped at Godiva along the way to pick up our free truffles, one of which we ate along the way and the other we carried down with us.  At some point later in the day, I discovered that chocolate + heat = chocolate puddle.

Poor truffle. Don't worry, I was resourceful and ate it with a fork.

Before leaving Chinatown, J needed a xiao long bao fix, so we popped into Shanghai Cafe for one steam tray of crab and pork xlb (J usually takes down 2-3 trays, but he had just had liang pi noodles from Xian Famous Foods about half an hour earlier) and a plate of scallion pancakes (crispy, oily, so bad for you…but so good).  Last but not least, I got a pumpkin bun from Golden Steamer (yeah, I don’t know who decided to name that store).  And then it was back to the apartment.

We ate a lot this weekend, didn’t we?



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