California – Part I

Ok, I better get started on California posts before all of a sudden it’s next year… Time flies, yeah?

I flew into Los Angeles on Wednesday, arriving a little before midnight.  J had flown in on Tuesday night, and I was supposed to meet up with him on Thursday morning.  Hertz spoiled our grand plans, however, and J ended up having to rush down to the airport to deal with the car rental mess – it actually wasn’t too much of a mess, more just a frustration.

Soon enough, though, we were off to explore the city.  First up?  Venice Beach – well, Venice in general.  After a pit stop at Starbucks (more for restroom purposes, less for coffee…though we had to pick up one of those, too), we walked along the Venice boardwalk, where we saw plenty of “medical” marijuana stands.  Don’t worry Mom and Pops, we didn’t partake.

Then, it was off to Intelligentsia for some real coffee.


Iced coffee

We had only a bit of time to enjoy our coffee before J had to rush off to feed the meter – while sprinting to the car, he nearly found himself in the middle of a manhunt (for a burglar, we think).  Likely, no police mistook him for the suspect.

A leisurely walk among the Venice canals followed.

Not quite like actual Venice, but the canals were still pretty.

There were many Interesting houses along the canals.

There are actually a lot of Ocean Avenues in Los Angeles...but this was one of them.

Feeding a Starbucks' pumpkin loaf to a seagull. (Yes, we stopped by Starbucks again for restroom purposes.)

All the walking had made us hungry, so we decided to go to In-N-Out.  With a little help from Google Maps (so useful!), we located the nearest one.

Yum. I got a regular hamburger, J got a regular burger animal style.

All gone!

Diddy Riese, a bakery I had read about on Yelp, just happened to be nearby.  Of course, we had to stop in.

3 cookies for $1?? We'll take 3! (We also got a brownie.)

Solid - not amazing, but definitely yummy. Oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and cinnamon sugar.

J had driven up to Malibu the day before and declared it “achingly beautiful,” so we decided to head up there again.

At a park overlooking the coast - pictures don't really do it justice.

Strange chipmunk/squirrel creatures.


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