J found a new fave

A few weeks ago (the weekend of July 8th, I believe), J and I were out dress shopping.  Ok, I was out dress shopping, and J was kindly – and very patiently – accompanying me.  We started at Bloomingdales, then made our way downtown.  Although I was unsuccessful in my hunt for a dress, all the energy exerted flipping through racks had made me hungry.  I knew J wanted to try Shanghai Cafe after reading the Serious Eats article which claimed that Shanghai Cafe’s xiao long bao were better than Joe’s Shanghai, which was J’s previous top pick for xlb.  And so it was off to Shanghai Cafe, where we ordered two racks of xlb, along with one order of wontons (Shanghai wontons with shepherd’s purse, to be exact).  Unfortunately, I only have Blackberry-quality photos to show.

These were quite amazing.
J agrees.

I forget what else I did that weekend – Sunday involved brunch with friends at Friends of a Farmer (I had pumpkin pancakes) and more dress hunting.  I had nearly given up when I found this dress at Anthropologie


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