Posts are short on words lately, I know.  But if pictures are worth 1000 words, then I’m speaking plenty, right?

And we're off! Quincy Market can be a little overwhelming sometimes...


J and I settled on a lobster pot pie. Topped with buttered Ritz crackers. Yes, buttered Ritz crackers (...I think).

J was obsessed with this seagull.

Then it flew to another post. And J followed it.


The Public Garden


J liked this poster. I know not why.

Flour's famous sticky buns fresh out of the oven (we had perfect timing). Imagine deliciousness covered in delicious caramel-y goo.

Sour cream coffee cake.

Lamb sandwich... I think J was too hungry to take a proper picture.

Sunday brunch at Zaftig's.

Challah French toast!

And then it was off to Thoreau's Walden Pond, where we picnicked and snacked on watermelon.

See the chipmunk?




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