Pao de queijo = cheeeeeeeeeeeeesy balls

And now…the food.  I ate a lot of good food in Sao Paulo and Rio, but the only pictures I have to share are of the street food / snack-variety.  Which were plenty delicious, trust me.

Unidentifiable yummy bread filled with something cheesy (not to be mistaken for pao de queijo)

Fried teardrop thingie (I just pointed at what I wanted and smiled at the cashier) - I call this "adventurous ordering"

Innards of the fried teardrop

Can't go to Brazil without trying acai!

Rio has juice bars galore, and they all have tons of fresh fruit.

Last dinner in Brazil - grilled calamari on top of saffron risotto

Sweets and pastry shop

Again, I had no idea what I was ordering. But man was that little blob on the front good.

Guava juice? I had to try.

Stands like these dotted the beach.

And finally...a pao de quiejo!

Delicious cheese balls. I must have eaten over 25 during my trip. National snack of Brazil? Sold everywhere...

'Till next time!


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