J says: “My girlfriend won’t let me get a dog.”

And X responds: “It’s because when you do dishes, you only wash the bowls and leave all the utensils in the sink.”

For the record – when I asked J what the title of this post should be, that was his reply.  And for the record x 2, that’s not the only reason I won’t let him get a dog (for now).

Anyway, moving on to the actual events of this weekend (although aforementioned conversation really did happen).  Saturday was reserved for studying, so J and I camped out at Sweetleaf for four hours or so.  I ordered a large coffee to start; an hour or so in, J got a cortado.

Horrible Blackberry picture...

Delicious coffee and espresso, as always.  Seriously good coffee is just, well, so seriously good in a small-sips-and-savor way.  The studying, in contrast, could not be termed seriously good.  But at least I got some reading done.  After Sweetleaf, J and I headed back, and I made some a-maz-ing cabbage as part of dinner using Ina Garten’s Sauteed Cabbage recipe.  A lot of cabbage, a little butter, a little salt and pepper.  Simple, but comforting (in a buttery way, of course!).

Today began with brunch with a few buddies at M Wells (45 minute wait for brunch, can you believe it?!).  Popular place, but was it worth the hype?  Food was good, but I wouldn’t say mind-blowingly good.  I had the oft-recommended Egg Sausage Sandwich and J ordered one of the specials of the day, a savory French toast made with quail eggs and topped with quail.  We also had a warm biscuit with apple butter on the side.  I loved the English muffin (made in house) part of the sandwich, whose thick slabs of sausage and eggs were topped with melted cheddar and pickled jalapenos.

Another horrible phone picture - just doesn't do the sammich justice!

Following brunch, we headed into the city – to Lincoln Center, in particular, for a 3pm concert.  The London Symphony Orchestra was in town for the weekend, and we caught the last of their three concerts.  The program?  The first movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 10 (which Mahler never finished) and the entirety of Symphony No. 9.

Then it was off to Kyotofu for a dessert tasting that J had purchased on GiltCity awhile ago.  The waitress brought us some sparking sake to start.

Next came their signature sweet tofu in the most adorable little cups – I loved the creaminess of the tofu, which was topped by a not-too-sweet kuromitsu syrup.

Then a tray of three small desserts appeared – a matcha green tea crème brûlée (also very rich and creamy), a warm miso chocolate cake (extremely fudgy and most, with a mochi center), and a warm sweet potato cake (slightly spiced and topped with sweet potato caramel).

Guess what's on top?

A yang mei!!

All gone 😦

The “meal” ended with some matcha nama chocolate (Japanese fudge, they call it) and flowery financiers.   The best part?  We got two chocolate soufflé cupcakes to go (they came as part of the tasting package).


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