After a wine tasting on Friday night, Saturday morning started with this deliciousness – French toast made with challah from Judies.  This bread is seriously addictive.  I bought one loaf two weeks ago and meant to take some with me to New York to share with J, but it never made to its destination.  I ate it all at work (well, after sticking some in the freezer).  And then the rest of the loaf “disappeared” this past week.  So on Thursday, knowing J would be coming up, I bought a second loaf – thankfully, there was still at least 2/3 left on Friday.  We cut a thick slice up to make French toast.  Buttery and eggy; very rich, yet quite fluffy.  Très delicious.  And the best part?  No syrup necessary.

Challah French Toast

We lazed around for awhile after breakfast (I did laundry), and then went to the Yale bookstore to pick up a bumper stick for my mom.  [Yes Mom, I finally made it to the bookstore.  You’ll have your sticker soon.]  And then, I took J on a journey without telling him the final destination.

[Note – J’s taking over this post now.]  First, a pit stop at Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop for a Pignoli and Almond Tart.  The pignoli is a cookie made with almond paste and covered with pine nuts.  Let me tell you, this was something – dense, moist, chewy, intensely nutty and almond-y.  In short, J’s ideal cookie.  The almond tart was the same almond paste mixed with apricot jam and heaped onto a mini-pastry crust – delicious.


Almond tart

Almond tart innards

Fortified with our treats, we continued down the street – wandering into ever shadier territory – when finally we came upon our destination, a meat market-cum-grocery store called Ferraro.  I (J) was stunned.  Meats of every imaginable cut and pedigree were arranged in coolers around half the store (they had a whole Pig’s head!).  A butcher stood proudly in front of his wares, calling out specials, negotiating with customers, and shouting for orders to be fulfilled (such as cases – yes cases – of chickens).  I had to fight down a strong urge to purchase half the store (lest I incur the wrath of X) and settled for a package of smoked ham hocks (for collards), some bacon (for brussel sprouts but which we actually used for collards), beef bones (boiled overnight for soup), pound of chicken livers (chopped and mixed with eggs for breakfast), head cheese (head cheese! yums. x had to make me stop eating this), and a dozen clams (stir fried with shaoxing wine, scallions, and ginger for dinner).  We also bought plums, oranges, frozen brussel sprouts (might be X’s new fav vegetable), frozen chopped collards, and a bag of biscotti among other things.  Laden down with groceries, we hiked back to X’s apartment.  We had the misfortune of listening to me when I suggested a path that led us between two tall buildings (read wind-tunnel).  Intense experience – halfway through the wind literally stopped us in our tracks.  Afterwards X repeatedly threatened to kill me.  Intense experience.

Bacon bacon bacon

Before hopping into the pan to mesh with collard greens


Sunday has been somewhat less exciting.  We studied the entire afternoon at Blue State.  Not quite as fun as eating almond tarts.

But, X did bake a sour cream coffee cake tonight.

[And back to X]  Now I end with some flowery photos – this bouquet showed up at my office on Monday, surprising the bejeesus out of me.  I was definitely not expecting these, but they were such a nice (and wonderfully fragrant) treat to keep by my desk for the week.


One thought on “Rosy

  1. aww! what a cute post! love the flowers and those clams look absolutely delicious! i love clams yum yum yum.

    ❤ miss you! and yah i suck at updating too…will need to get on that although i haven't had much to update on…

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