I’ve really fallen behind in posts – that’s the bad news.  The really bad news is that I actually haven’t had that much to post about.  Sad, right?!  The weather hasn’t been exactly conductive to walking around and CFA studying season has begun, unfortunately.

J did host a dumpling-making / Superbowl party last weekend.  ‘Twas wonderful – we had an assembly line of people making pork & chive and pork & cabbage dumplings.  After feasting on dumplings, we moved on to more traditional game day snacks – like chips, dip, and cookies!  Cookies are key.  Also, J’s Sriracha chicken wings were a huge hit.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures along the way…so all I have to show are these sad uneaten dumplings that were “fortunate” enough to survive the night.


Lonely dumplings...

What's a Super Bowl without beer?


Fast forward to Sunday – J and I are currently in the process of making our own sushi.  We went out to brunch this morning at Smorgas Scandinavia House – I had some delicious vanilla waffles and J had eggs benedict.  Good conversation with friends followed for the next two hours.  Then, we picked up a new 50mm camera lens – hurray for being able to take good photos again.  Afterwards, we walked to Chelsea Market to go to The Lobster Place to pick up fish for tonight – salmon, ahi tuna, and hamachi.  In total, we picked up a pound of fish…for two people.

Before coming back to J’s apartment, we also stopped at Trader Joe’s for weekly groceries…plus ingredients for cheesecake!  Yup.  Cheesecake.  And sushi.

Anyway, immediately after getting back to the apartment, J started prepping the rice for sushi and I started on the cheesecake (which we got a little creative with – graham cracker crust? nah – Grapenuts crust!).

Now, I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  The sushi was beyond delicious.  Perhaps not the most beautiful sushi ever placed before me, but this sure was some tasty stuff.  The sort of tasty that you can’t help but smile when you put a piece in your mouth.  Yes, it was that good.

Also, for full disclosure – let’s not forget that an entire bottle of wine was also consumed.  At the end of the night, I was very full and very, very red.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


Tuna, salmon, and hamachi

Sumeshi (sushi rice) - I fanned the rice while J poured in the vinegar solution!

J's miso soup


...became this...

...which became this after having an intimate meeting with mr. knife.

Tuna rolls

After awhile (and a few glasses of wine later), we went free style.

And the cheesecake!!




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