I think I’ve really fallen behind on posts.  Oops.

Miraculously, the weather this weekend permitted walking around for a few hours each day outside.  Hurray!  Unfortunately, our camera lens seems to have suffered a little mishap, so no pictures were taken.  =(

Saturday, I did a little P90 yoga by myself before heading to meet J at Eataly, where we began our walk to the East Village because I wanted coffee from Abraco.  On the way, we stopped by the farmers’ market, Nordstrom Rack, and a very, very crowded Trader Joe’s (the line extended all the way to the entrance – ridiculous).  After picking up some Japanese snacks and schtuff at Sunrise Mart, we got a sweet potato bun from Panya.  It was filled with a Japanese sweet potato filling – like red bean paste texture-wise.  From Panya, we walked to Abraco, but the long line deterred my coffee ambitions.  Too cold to wait.

While we originally intended to head over to Soho, J had a craving for dumplings, so it was off to Prosperity Dumplings.  Except we hit Vanessa’s Dumpling House along the way and J was intrigued.  An order of pork and chive dumplings in soup, sesame pancakes with duck, fried pork buns, and hot milk tea filled our tummies.

Since we were so close to Chinatown by then (so much for J’s “it’s only three blocks away”), we decided we might as well do a little bit of grocery shopping.  Then, it was up to Soho – the bag search continued at Bloomingdale’s and Marc Jacobs, but alas, nothing to be found.  Before heading home, we went to Trader Joe’s (again – but it was remarkably uncrowded this time) and picked up random goodies (peanut satay sauce? dried green mangoes? pear champagne vinaigrette?).

This morning, after waking up at 10, we rushed to make it to Redeemer.  Post-Redeemer, it was all the way down to Soho for some carb-y goodness at Grandaisy Bakery.  What did we get?  Rather…what didn’t we get?  Cornmeal cranberry loaf (yums), olive roll, seven grain roll, half a loaf of the filone, almond meringues, and a ginger spice rye cake (which we saved for after dinner).

I had a Groupon to Cones that I needed to use up, so that was the next destination.  After sampling a bajillion flavors, I settled on a pint of 1/2 corn and 1/2 pumpkin.  Corn ice cream – unusual, right?  But incredibly good.  The pumpkin is delicious as well.  Very creamy and dense (but light) texture.  And extremely flavorful.  ❤ ice cream.



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