I sound like Miley Cyrus.

No kidding.  Thanks to the minor cold that I had this weekend, I now officially sound like Miley Cyrus.  Perhaps I should take advantage of this and belt out a few songs?  Or…perhaps not.

Anyway, I guess I was attacked by germs sometime between Thursday and Friday.  I was feeling better by Saturday morning, though, so J and I went for another round of P90x yoga.  There was some improvement this week, though I still wobbled during the balance poses.  Also, I couldn’t stop giggling at one point…

Anyway, after that, we headed out to redeem some Groupons that were set to expire this week.  First up: 5th Avenue Chocolatiere, where we had a Groupon worth $30.  The shop was a tiny little place and reminded me a bit of L’Etoile D’Or in Paris, albeit a less awesome.  Anyway, we ended up choosing a box of 8 of their signature truffles (which we tried in store – they were very smooth and melty, with a rich dark chocolate flavor) and a box of 15 “flavored” truffles.  Since I still have some Bespoke truffles left over, I haven’t broken into the new chocolates yet – they’re now nicely wrapped up and frozen.  I’ll be sure to write about them as I work my way through them!  [Note: the shopkeepers here seem a little absentminded.  Although I reminded the guy that I wanted a box of the signature truffles as he was wrapping up my stuff, he completely forgot – good thing I checked right after we walked out the shop!]

Then, we walked down to Union Square, with a detour at Ann Taylor so I could pick up a pair of jeans (dark rinse skinny jeans).  Why Union Square?  Because we had a Wafels and Dinges Groupon!  They had a stand in the Holiday Market – very convenient.  We got a “Wafel of Massive Deliciousness” – a liège wafel with unlimited toppings.  Because J forgot to bring the camera, I have no pictures to show – but imagine this…

Wafel that we had when we went this past summer

with whipped cream, Belgian chocolate fudge, bananas and strawberries!  Yummy goodness made even yummier by the fact that the wafel had just come out of the wafel-maker seconds before.  Included in our Groupon?  A jar of Spekuloos.

Post-WMD, J and I worked our way down Soho.  I dragged J into Sephora, where my browsing led me to pick up this shiny box.

Then, it was a straight shot down to Chinatown to get some veggies and dinner!  We ate at XO Kitchen and had shrimp dumplings (xia jiao), noodles with fish balls, and preserved egg and pork congee.  The food hit the spot – especially because everything was uber salty and my stuffy nose had muted my sense of taste.  The xia jiao were really good though – and massive!  Probably the biggest xia jiao I have ever seen in my life.  Horrible image quality below, as these are Blackberry photos:

Afterwards, J went back to his apartment and I went to a holiday party (yay Berkeley-ites!).

Today’s been very chill, as it’s raining and being all sorts of gross outside.  Nothing exciting to report, unfortunately.  I spent some time playing around with the camera – look at these shoes I bought awhile ago!  I actually have two pairs of these, both still sitting in their boxes, as I was planning on returning one of them, but the time allowed for returns has passed.  Oh well!  One can never have too many pairs of black heels.

On another note – I did finish off Bespoke’s Lavender Honey Fleur de Sel Caramel, White Chocolate Toasted Almond Truffle, and Dark Chocolate Truffle.  I think I enjoyed the salted caramel truffle the best, though I can’t say I really got a whiff of the lavender.  The flow-y caramel was rich and buttery, and the few grains of sea salt were a good touch.  The white chocolate truffle was reminiscent of Lindt white chocolate, and the dark chocolate truffle wasn’t particularly different from all those dark chocolate truffles out there – incredibly smooth texture, but nothing that exciting.

Ate the ones on the left and in the center...

And the little guy on the left (with the specks of sea salt)

Lavender Honey Fleur de Sel Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Cognac



One thought on “I sound like Miley Cyrus.

  1. i want that waffle. and those chocolates. lol i just got new black heels too! except…i can’t handle the height you can lol.

    ❤ hope you're having a blast on your cruise right now!

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