In true guzzle fashion, I have taken to filling up a Nalgene bottle with water because my little glass cups simply aren’t large enough to quench my thirst in one fell swoop.  I wonder how many ounces of water I drink in a day…  Interestingly, I haven’t had coffee in what, three weeks now?

I woke up this morning, peeked out the window to see if the weather would accommodate a run, and saw a layer of white stuff on a red car parked outside.  It took a few seconds for me to register what the “white stuff” was.  Snow!!  I can’t believe that it’s already that time of year again.  It was especially bad this morning, because the snow was mixed with rain.  I believe they endearing call that lovely combination a “wintry mix” – sounds pleasant, right?  It’s not.  However, my purple rainboots (thanks Mommy & Daddy & little sis!) kept my feet nice and dry while I trudged through the slush on my way to work.  I stepped through some puddles just for fun 😉

No pictures from this weekend, unfortunately.  I’ve been really bad about taking pictures lately – definitely need improvement in that area.

On Saturday, I convinced J to go on a long run.  We ran all the way to CT Post Mall (with a stop at Costco first).  Yep, we ran all the way to Costco, and then some.  The total distance wasn’t too bad, but the last half of the run didn’t have sidewalks.  We had fun traversing through parking lots and the grass medians.  After a pit stop at Whole Foods to pick up some water, we continued our journey to the mall, where we roamed around Target for a bit.  Then, we jogged back to Costco to pick up some groceries – apples, kale, and a rotisserie chicken – before heading to the nearby bus stop.  It was getting chilly at this point, but thankfully the wait for the bus didn’t take too long.  We cooked one of the bags of kale for dinner (do you know one serving of kale has more than 300% vitamin A and that one bag has 8 servings?) and dug into the chicken.  [In other news, I have a huge pot of chicken stock in my fridge again.  Makes terrific chicken soup.]  We also caught up on How I Met Your Mother and finished watching Nine (the musical).

Sunday was relatively uneventful.  J and I read for a bit, then went for a walk to take advantage of the sunny weather.  I finally finished that book on petroleum that I started ages ago.  It was written in the 1970s – it’s so strange to read “in 20 years, when we reach 1990…” when 1990 is now more than 20 years ago!  OK, I feel old now.

Two weeks and a few days until Thanksgiving break!  I can’t wait.


One thought on “Guzzle

  1. what kind of purple boots? lol i have rain boots but they don’t keep my feet warm at all. dry, but not warm =P

    you got snow already? we got hail but no snow. haha i’m not sure whether or not to look forward to snow.

    anyhow! sounds like you had a good weekend! ❤ miss youu

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