Why is it so cold already?

This weekend was a fun mix of walking and eating and hanging out with friends.  On Saturday, J and I walked across the Queensboro Bridge to meet E, S, and A at their hotel – from there, we subway’ed to Brooklyn, where we visited Almondine for a pre-Brooklyn Bridge snack at Almondine.

Chocolate croissant from Almondine


Salami sammich

Windy day - Brooklyn Bridge

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, we walked up to Chinatown to Shanghai Joe’s.  Yummy xiao long bao – three steamer trays full!

Xiao long bao from Shanghai Joe's

Next we explored Soho, walked up Broadway, and ultimately ended up at Eataly for dinner.  We grabbed a table and snacked on yummy “made from scratch” caprese.


Then, we walked across town to the Highline, which took us down to Meatpacking.  Gelato was on our mind, so we walked to West Village (where we fortuitously ran into the Wafel and Dinges truck!) and capped the day with some delicious frozen goodness.

Pumpkin gelato and mixed berry sorbetto from L'arte del Gelato




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