I definitely caught up on sleep this weekend – nearly ten hours on Friday night, followed by nine yesterday.  Feels refreshing, although I still feel like I could use a few more ten hour nights.

The fall foliage is beautiful around here.  I wish I had some pictures to share – as J and I drove from place to place this weekend, the trees looked like a patchwork of bright orange, yellow, and red amidst a backdrop of green.  The colors are brilliant.  Now if only it weren’t so cold!

J and I began Saturday by driving to Bishop’s Orchards to pick some more apples.  We picked a bunch, though I tore my purple tights in the process (yeah – I’m not sure why I wore tights to go apple-picking).  And J bought two warm apple cider donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for us to share.  Yum!

We then drove back to New Haven, and went for a run up Prospect and a walk down Whitney.  The weather was nice – I wanted to take advantage of the not-yet-freezing weather before it takes a turn for the worst.  [Ok, I exaggerate.]  Afterwards, J asked to go to Costco, where he picked up a rotisserie chicken and a huge bag of kale, as well as a tub of grapes.  We stopped at Whole Foods, where I finally found canned pumpkin (!!) and proceeded to buy four cans.

Since it was still relatively early, we decided to drive to Clinton Crossing Outlets… with a pitstop at Lenny’s Indian Head Inn for fried clams (guess who’s idea?).

Accompanied by fries, slaw, and tartar sauce, the clam strips made for a great (if not altogether healthy) dinner on the run.  We took the fried goodness to go, but the restaurant itself was packed with people.

The weather had turned much colder at this point, and J and I were way underdressed.  But we scrambled from store to store anyway, and managed to make our way around the stores worth checking out before they closed at nine.  Didn’t find too much, but we each picked up one or two things.  I got another Under Armour shirt – hopefully it’ll keep me warm on my walks!

Today…  we went to CT Post Mall (a sad excuse of a mall, really) and watched The Social Network.  Both of us enjoyed the movie quite a bit.  It was entertaining, and had lots of really funny/witty quotes.  We walked around the mall for a bit after the movie, but left not too long after.  Where to?  Costco again!  It was on the way home.  J really likes the frozen wontons that I bought from there, so he picked up two more bags.  My freezer is now nicely packed with stuff…

I made some chicken and kale soup from the rotisserie chicken and the kale (which we never ended up cooking), and now I have a huge vat of chicken stock cooking on the stove.  My room smells good 🙂



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