10^3 = 1000.

This weekend has been fun – unfortunately, I don’t have too many pictures to show for it.

Friday evening, J and I attended a Berkeley beer tasting, where we got to try nineteen different types of beer.  One of the beers was quite unique – it had a smokey smell and taste.  It was J’s first time at one of these beer tastings – I think he enjoyed it.

J had booked a car for us earlier in the week, so we went to pick it up on Saturday morning.  I had done some quick Googling of good hiking areas not too far from New Haven earlier in the morning, and we decided to head to Devil’s Den Preserve.  We “hiked” a huge loop around the preserve, though the trail was mostly flat and not technical at all.  It was fun, nonetheless – I always enjoy spending some time outdoors (and not in front of a computer screen).  Certain sections of the trail branched off into what I called “the path less traveled” – J and I usually decided to hike down these smaller paths instead of the wider, well-trod paths.  Which led to us some interesting (unintentional) off-trail exploration when we lost sight of the blazes.  For the most part though, the trails were well-marked.  Sadly, we didn’t see much wildlife, except for a few chipmunks.

We left Devil’s Den after about 3 hours – but it was still early (only 2:30 pm).  So, I did more quick Googling to find a place where we could go apple-picking.  We headed to Bishop’s Orchards and traipsed around the orchard for a bit, picking Mutsu, Jonagold, and other varieties of apples.  Since I’m gone for most of the week, I had to exercise some self-restraint.  We left with eight or nine pounds of huge apples (and paid only $1.15 a pound).  The few that we’ve eaten have been delicious – so fresh, crispy, and flavorful.

After apple-picking, we did a little grocery shopping at Costco and Whole Foods.  We bought the hugest heads of cauliflower ever at WF.  Seriously – these things were massive (picture to come).

We ate dinner (steamed cod and cauliflower) while catching up on Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother.  And then we watched Where the Wild Things Are – beautifully filmed movie, but a bit strange!

Sunday – we woke up bright and early, thanks to our super early bedtime the night before.  After returning the car, J and I walked to Edge of the Woods (the closest “grocery” store – “grocery” because it mostly stocks organic/vegan/vegetarian goods) for no reason other than to take advantage of the beautiful day.  On the way back, I stopped at JCrew and bought a belt (black) and a shirt (light purple).

Then, off to lunch at Istanbul Cafe!  We had the Soquk Meze (a sampler of spreads, including hummus) and the Kuzu Sis Kebab (marinated and grilled lamb).  The bread that came with the Meze was absolutely delicious – pillowy and yummy.  Very good hummus, as well as lamb.  And this carrot puree mixed with yogurt and sour cream – so good!  The meal left us very full, so we strolled around New Haven afterwards to aid digestion.

In the afternoon, we visited Berkeley for a short classical concert (an event to celebrate/”christen” a new piano), and listened to pieces by Shumann, Shubert, and Chopin.  It was fun.  We missed out on the reception, however, as J had to head back to the city.

After sending J to the train station, I picked up some froyo as a snack, and then headed home to…clean!  And now I’m all ready for bed.  Packed weekend, but I loved every moment of it.


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