It’s been awhile!

I can’t believe October is here already – the leaves are changing color, the weather is cooling down, and the sun is setting earlier and earlier.  I’m back to getting home at a decent time, though – yesterday must have been the first time I’ve used my stove on a weekday in weeks (maybe even months).

The past weekend was fairly uneventful.  I enjoyed catching up on sleep.  And went on a lovely run with J – from his apartment up to the Queensboro Bridge, across the bridge, and then a straight shot down to Houston St, where we popped into Whole Foods and then walked around Soho for a bit.  J was quite the trooper for going on that run 🙂  Though his decision to sprint the last three blocks left me gasping for breath.  Shorter legs are a disadvantage.

Sunday involved church, then Bloomingdales.  Sadly, no purchases were made.  We walked over to Columbus Circle to pay a visit to Godiva to pick up my truffle of the month – I chose the Red Velvet truffle.  Too bad the center was not actually cake – I think it would have been better that way!  With no other destination in mind, we walked back over to Grand Central and returned to LIC.  J cooked duck again for dinner – yums.  And then he tried to make me take the rest home. I refused.

Monday involved a very, very early wake-up, as J left at 4:50 am to catch his flight.  Then I took the train back to New Haven.  It’s been a rainy few days, unfortunately.  I have been making good use of my rainboots though!

Funny story from awhile ago:

While walking by Luce Hall on Hillhouse, we found these chestnut-like things on the ground.  J got all excited, and jokingly (or maybe seriously), told me to “Mark in your Blackberry: Early September: Chestnut season by Luce Hall.”  We came home and Googled chestnuts.  Turns out, what we found…

Not to be eaten!

…weren’t chestnuts!

The real deal.

We’d found horse chestnuts (not related to chestnuts at all), which are poisonous!  Not that we were planning to eat what we picked off the ground – but it was hilarious because we had carried several of the “chestnuts” home.


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