Working weekend

Not much to report this weekend, as both J and I worked for parts of Saturday and Sunday.

I left work past ten on Friday and got home right before J arrived in New Haven.  Promptly fell asleep after eating – too bad we woke up early-ish on Saturday morning!  Saturday was relatively uneventful… as Sunday has been.  We did go for a stroll around campus this morning.  The weather is getting chiller; we can feel the arrival of fall.  It’s nice not to have to turn on the A.C. though!

So much (fresh) mozzarella has been eaten this weekend.  A pound to be exact.  J bought a one pound ball of mozz from Murray’s Cheese (supposedly the best in the region) and brought it to New Haven to share; it is so good layered on top of weighty tomato slices sprinkled with salt, pepper, and basil.  J also brought plums, two more bars of Pralus chocolate and beef jerky (which we have yet to touch).

It’s interesting to taste the three Pralus bars that I have side-by-side.  Each is so distinctive – and make the Ritter pale in comparison.

Oh!  We watched Date Night this morning before I went into the office.  Very funny movie 🙂


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