Buckle Up!

Since I had to return the car by 1 pm, J and I headed out bright and early (read: 10 am) to Costco.  We made a stop at Whole Foods first, though, for some peaches and other snacks.  J was intrigued by the Skyr in the dairy section and decided to pick up a small container of the vanilla flavor.

Extremely creamy.  I enjoyed the sweet, but tangy, flavor; J liked that the yogurt had actual vanilla specks.  Unfortunately, Skyr isn’t likely to become a regular purchase – at more than $2 per container, it definitely ranks among the most expensive yogurts available.

Before heading into Costco, I filled the gas tank.  While waiting in line for an available pump, the following exchange occurred:

X: “I really only need one gallon of gas.”

J: “No, I think you need two.”

X: *quizzical stare that turned into a glare*

J: “What?  It’s a 100% difference!”

Turns out, I only needed 0.66 gallons.  Shortest refuel time ever!

At Costco, I picked up lots of eggs (72, to be exact), veggies, frozen wontons, cottage cheese, and other nourishments.

After returning the car, we came back to the apartment and prepared the first 3 dozen eggs to make more tea eggs.  We watched the week’s episode of Royal Pains, as well as Roman Holiday (with Audrey Hepburn), that I had gotten from Netflix.

We went for a short walk around campus, then came back and ate half the watermelon.  Very yum.  Dinner followed, and now we’re just enjoying the last bits of our weekend.  A busy week to come at work for both of us!!


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