Sleeping Giant

Morning began with some exceptional chocolate by Francois Pralus:

The chocolatier Francois Pralus apparently has his own cacao plantation – and thus is known for doing the whole bean to bar shabang.

Sao Tome & Principe

The bar was beautifully crafted, dark and glossy.  Very creamy – and yummy.  Of course, I opened the bar of Ritter dark chocolate that I had for a little side-by-side comparison.  The Ritter (which I have always enjoyed) paled a little in comparison to the Pralus.

After I ate a bajillion tea eggs, J and I went to pick up some iced coffee from Willoughbys, and then ambled around campus for a bit, watching the eager freshmen move onto campus.

Around 1 pm, we picked up my rental car from Budget.  They gave me a pretty nifty car this time, a white, two-door Altima.  Pretty nifty!

The destination?  Sleeping Giant State Park.

The first two hours we spent hiking the most difficult trail – the Blue Trail, which involved lots of steep rocky inclines.  It was fun trying to scale the rocks.  After reaching the Tower, we continued along the Blue Trail until we hit the circle trail, which runs north to south.  Soon, we turned onto the Green Trail to head east for a bit, until we reached the White Trail, which we used to return back to the car.  Both the Blue Trail and the White Trail were labeled “for experienced hikers only,” so we were pretty proud of ourselves.  Total time?  A little more than 5 hours.  Total distance covered?  Probably 5 miles or so.  The ascents and descents made the hike fairly challenging though.  Thank goodness for the bag of Chex Mix that J picked up at Walgreens while I was getting the car.  And the Propel and water.


Scrambling up rocks

5 hours of hiking later...

After all that exertion, J wanted tacos, so I drove down to the taco carts by the shore.  Then, Ikea for soft serve!  I wanted to get a coat rack, too, but they were all out.  Sadness.

Once we came home, I demolished another half dozen or so eggs, along with more than half a papaya.  Refuel!


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