Quick post about Sunday

After church on Sunday, J and I strolled through Central Park to Columbus Circle for a quick stop at Godiva (almond praline truffle – yums) before walking down to Hells Kitchen.  The Big Gay Ice Cream truck was there – I’d been waiting to try his concoctions for awhile.  Unfortunately, the line was incredibly long, and he wasn’t making his choinkwiches.

So, I decided on a change on plans.  We went all the way down to Chelsea Market for gelato at L’Arte del Gelato.  After sampling six or so flavors, we settled on a scoop of the passionfruit sorbetto alongside a scoop of the olive oil gelato.  The passionfruit gelato was incredibly good – almost like eating real passionfruit.  Not too sweet, a bit tangy, and perfect texture.  The olive oil was great too, very subtle flavoring.  The star, though, was undoubtedly the passionfruit.


Passionfruit (left) and olive oil (right) gelato

Before leaving Chelsea Market, I also picked up some smoked salmon from the Lobster Place.  I love that stuff.

What next?  J wanted to go to Murray’s and the West Village location of the Lobster Place to pick up some escargot.  Then, the Union Square Whole Foods for more corn – and then it was back to LIC.

Look at J’s dinner!


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