Step by step

Does anyone remember the 90s sitcom “Step by Step”?  I used to really enjoy watching that show…

Anyway, many steps were taken on Saturday, as J and I walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan again.  We took the G train a few stops further down that we did last time, and walked from the station to the Red Hook ballfields.  A lot has been written about the food trucks that line up near the fields, and J wanted to try.

Slow-cooked pulled goat meat tacos

The goat meat was incredibly good.  Tender and juicy and flavorful.  The fresh onions and salsa nicely balanced the meat.

Seasoned beef tendon tostada

While this one wasn’t as impressive as the taco, it was still good.  I’ve never had beef tendon cooked this way before.

Satiated by the Mexican food, J and I walked up Court Street, with a stop at Cafe Pedlar for some iced coffee.  For some reason, it was not as good as I remember it being.  Still, I managed to finish off the cup before walking more than 3 blocks.

Along the way, we passed some kitties up for adoption.  Aren’t they cute?

Picked up some plums from the farmers market

And Almondine two weeks in a row!  A new first.

I love this bakery so much.


Then it was back across the Brooklyn Bridge, through Chinatown (more plums!), up Bowery, pit stop at Whole Foods (corn), Union Square, and finally, 23rd Street, where we took the subway back.   Corn was on the dinner menu.  So simple to make, and so sweet to eat.

Later that night (…much later that night), J and I finished the 700 piece puzzle.  We kept thinking there were pieces missing, but we were wrong.  With all the pieces in place:

Fun day!


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