First day of August

On Sunday, J and I were taking the 6 line from Grand Central up to 68th Street.  Unfortunately, the train we were on decided to skip 8 stops, so we ended up at 125th Street.  Abnormal.  [Side note: that morning, I’d just been commenting that my days were becoming so routine.  Perhaps this mix-up was exactly what I needed.  Spontaneity.]  We ended up taking the train down one stop to 116th Street.

How did we end up here?

As we walked out of the subway stop, we saw a sign advertising the new Target store that had just opened a day or two ago.  Since it was only 5 blocks away, we walked over to check it out.  A Costco store was located there, as well.  After wandering around Costco (where J picked up a latte smoothie) and Target for a bit, we headed west and south to the northern tip of Central Park.  We passed a cute mural along the way:

I’d never been around the top half of Central Park before, so it was fun to explore.  Clouds threatened overhead, and we felt a few drops during the afternoon, but thankfully the rain held off.

Flowers in the "Secret Garden"

Bzzzzz a bee!

Can you spot the butterfly?

And then the butterfly flew away...

Emerging from the Ravine

Our original plans for the day, before the subway mess, included a trip to the Met.  And so that’s where we went.  Traipsing through Central Park had made me hungry – I bought a pretzel from the vendor in front of the museum steps.

We enjoyed the pretzel while sitting on the steps and listening to this group of men sing:

They were quite good, actually!

My attention span at museums is quite limited, so we only made it through the special Picasso exhibit before I grew antsy.  It was the last day of the exhibit though, so we were lucky to catch it.

We briefly toured the East Asian Art wing… but J and I were already feeling museum fatigue.  We left and continued our walk down 5th Ave until we reached the southern end of the park.  And that was the end of our Sunday adventure.

For dinner that evening, J made an amazing cioppino (a seafood stew/soup).  I chopped the mushrooms.

Oh!  And we began the puzzle that I’d bought on Saturday.

One more day ’til the weekend!


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