Last day of July 2010

On the last day of July, J and I went to Brooklyn.  After I took down three plums and one cantaloupe (I love fruit, what can I say?), we set off for Brooklyn, taking the G train down to the Fulton Street stop.  From there, we accidentally walked in the direction opposite of the one in which we had intended to go (largely because we were navigating using the sun, and we thought the sun had already crossed to the west – it hadn’t).  Fortunately, that route took us to the Brooklyn Flea, which was on our list of places to go.  We walked through the market, browsing through the stuff in each of the stands.

J picked up a chai sticky bun.  The bun was covered with a shiny, sticky glaze; a slice of candied orange sat on top of the bun, which had a spicy kick to it.  The combination of sweet and spicy was interesting – and good.

Post sticky bun, we walked back to the subway stop so that we continue in the opposite direction.  Look at what we found along the way –

I spy the word "patisserie."

Hoping that we might have chanced upon some as-yet-undiscovered-by-the-masses croissant locale, we went inside and picked up a croissant.

Unfortunately, the croissant was definitely not spectacular.  The flavor was there, but the texture was off.

We wandered to the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Ave – and found Target!  I haven’t been in a Target in months.  It was fun wandering the aisles.  I wanted to get everything, but carrying around ten Target bags for the rest of the day wasn’t entirely sensible.  So we bought some water for hydration (and J picked up some animal crackers for me!).  We also picked up a puzzle – title: A Hundred Cats and One Fish.  700 pieces.  (Currently a work in progress.)

Then, we walked down the Fulton Street Mall – reminded me of Sharpstown Mall, except set outdoors.  Not the mall I was expecting.

By then, we were near Borough Hall.  A small farmers market was happening in the plaza.

Beautiful peaches, but we didn't pick up any.

We walked a bit further to the start of the Brooklyn Bridge.  But before we crossed over to Manhattan, we had to make a stop at Almondine, one of our favorite bakeries in the city.  Croissants and eclairs beckoned.

The croissant was texturally great and surprisingly savory.  I missed the sweetness of the croissants that we’d had in Paris.

The eclair was my favorite of the two.  It was denser than the ones we’d had in Paris, but the creme inside was absolutely delicious.  Not too sweet, very chocolatey.  I’d always thought that I disliked eclairs, but I like them.  I really do.

All ready to chow down.

And then it was time – time to cross the bridge.

This must be the fourth time we’ve walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.  When we were back in Manhattan, I decided that we should walk down to South Street Seaport.  Why?  Because there’s a Godiva store there, and it was our last day to pick up our free (July) truffles.  We chose a marzipan heart and a hazelnut gelato truffle.  I didn’t like them as much as ones that we’d had before.  The chocolate seemed a bit dry, and the flavorings were nothing special.  But, chocolate is chocolate, and therefore still good.

From South Street Seaport, near the southern tip of the city, we strolled back up to the East Village, making detours through Chinatown (to pick up some fruit) and Soho along the way.  Our original plan was to eat at Nomad, a Mediterranean/North African restaurant.  I wasn’t too hungry yet, so I thought it would be a good idea to sit and read in a nearby park for a bit.  After reading through a bit of The Big Short, I realized I was never going to reach the point of hungry.  But it was nearly 8:30 and I was no longer ridiculously full, so I told J we might as well head to the restaurant.

We never made it.  16 Handles, a self-serve frozen yogurt store, sits between the park and Nomad.  I joked that we should get some frozen yogurt.  J took me seriously.  He thought that frozen yogurt was a good idea, since he wasn’t particularly hungry either.  Nomad would have to wait for another day.  So we got some frozen yogurt – peanut butter, dulce de leche, red velvet, birthday cake, cookie and cream, margarita, banana and, of course, original tart were among the flavors that made it into our bowls.  I love the self-serve concept.

After a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way to Union Square, we took the subway home and made a small and simple dinner.

Recaps of Sunday and Day 5 of Paris still to come.  I’m being horrendously slow at posting about Paris – oops.


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