Paris, Day 3, Part I

It’s Saturday – July 4th weekend – hurray!

J went out to get some food for breakfast/lunch/brunch, and I went up to the gym.  He’s not back yet, so I thought I’d begin a post about Day 3 in Paris.  This day will have to divided into two parts – pre/post lunch and lunch.

This little one was all ready for the day.

We trudged over to Eric Kayser after grudgingly getting out of bed.  The croissant, baguette, and madeleine made for a nice breakfast though.  The interior of the bakery had a very modern and airy aesthetic compared to the cozier boulangeries and patisseries that we’d been frequenting.

J deemed the croissant to be pretty good, with a nice depth of flavor, but I disagreed.  The Legay Choc croissant still reigned supreme in my mind.

The madeleine was sweet and buttery, but nothing spectacular.  (On a side note, they had a little tub of mini financiers by the cash register for customers to sample – these were actually quite good.  I sneakily took more than one.)

The baguette was excellent.  A good thing, too – after all, we’d come to Kayser for the bread (it was one of the places that kept popping up in our search for the best bread in Paris).  It had a great crust (thin and crispy) and crumb (moist, slightly chewy, and not too dense).

From Eric Kayser we walked to the Opera Garnier, home to the Phantom of the Opera, apparently.  Then we moved on to the Place de la Madeleine to check out Maille, a mustard store.  Unfortunately, Maille was not yet open, so we continued walking along rue Tronchet, eventually making a right turn at rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.  We passed a Christian Louboutin boutique (!!), several other high-end stores, and a few embassies.  Very pristine street (and devoid of tourists).

Speaking of tourists, the first touristy destination of the day was the Arc de Triomphe.  After reading about it in just about every French class that I’ve taken (it was commissioned in 1806 by Napoleon), it was nice to finally see the monument in person.  Very large and grand – beautiful, for sure.

Le Triomphe de 1810 (sculpture on the left side of the Arc)

La Marseillaise (right side of the Arc)

We climbed up to the top and spent a bit of time enjoying the view of the city.

Twelve major avenues lead up to the Arc de Triomphe –

La Defense (the square arch) is in the distance

Tour Montparnasse (tallest skyscraper in France)

Champs Elysees

Montmartre (and the Sacre Coeur) in the top right

Watching the traffic circle around the Arc de Triomphe was amusing – chaos captured in a little circle, according to J.


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