Banana split

Sitting in front of the AC…

…reading The Big Short

…half snacking on Haagen Dazs Banana Split that I picked up earlier tonight

(Thoughts? Pretty good – I’ve never had banana flavored ice cream before.  I wasn’t sure how I would like the cherry flavor on top of the banana, but it is very mild, and the tartness cuts the sweetness of the ice cream.)

…and half snacking on Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate.

I strayed from my usual drugstore chocolate fix – Lindt – tonight.  The Ghirardelli is a little sweeter and not quite as smooth.  I think I might prefer Lindt, but this is not bad either.  Of course, the few (or 25) bars of French chocolate that are sitting in J’s room in New York probably have this beat.  But that’s why I left those with him.  My lack of self control would mean that those 25 bars would probably be demolished to 2.5 bars by now.

Speaking of, I learned something new today – the word “decimate” means “the removal of a tenth.”  The Roman army used to kill every tenth soldier as a form of punishment, and the word was used in this military context.


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