…is the word of the day.

  • because I’m currently on my third square of Ritter dark chocolate
  • because I’ve spent exactly 0 hours today studying
  • because I slept until 10 this morning
  • because I bought a new skirt from J.Crew today
  • because I’ve spent the past 4 hours researching and planning for Paris (!!!)
  • because I just had lots of veggies (1/2 a four pound head of cabbage, to be precise)
  • because my fridge is stocked with fresh fruit and veggies (which have been conspicuously lacking in my diet for the past week or so)
  • because J and I have finished 8 incredibly large and juicy navel oranges in 24 hours

My spreadsheet of places to go in Paris is growing at an exponential rate.  The number of places listed under ‘food’ is disturbingly much greater than the number under ‘museums’ or, you know, other conventional tourist attractions.  Like those that impart culture and history upon the visitor.  Nope – instead, I have carefully noted down the shops that supposedly make the best croissants/baguettes/chocolate/macarons/pastries/etc. in Paris.  Slightly intimidated by the amount of food that I will be consuming in the next week, I decided that I had better go in search of locations to visit that will not entail me wishing I had stretchy pants.  So, now my list is a little more balanced.  And by that, I mean food places to non-food places are in a ratio of, oh, 4 to 1.  Oh well.  I tried.

A recap of the past week: lots and lots of reviewing and studying.  New discovery: Starbucks’ pumpkin bread is actually quite good.  Not enough pumpkin spice added, but the pumpkin flavor came through quite well.  As someone who has consumed many a can of canned pumpkin, I approve.  I think between Wednesday and Saturday, I bought four slices of the stuff.

Saturday was test day – a grueling six hours of sitting and trying to focus.  But then it was all over, and an hour later, J and I were back in New Haven.  Though the commencement of freedom certainly merited a bit of champagne, we decided to celebrate with some delicious chickpea curry, rice (which I bought from the little Chinese takeout place downstairs), and olive oil bread.  Then we watched New York, I Love You.  Interesting cast, but I can’t say I was completely engrossed by the movie.  That may be attributable to the fact that my brain cells had decided to boycott for the night, however.  They’d had enough.

So excited for Paris and summer!  My body is also quite thankful that the CFA exam is over and done with.  Level 1, at least.  I don’t think it could have taken much more of this:


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