View from the window

6 hours of studying later, I am feeling somewhat delusional.  Especially since I have an attention span of oh, maybe, 3 minutes.  5 at most.

Isn’t it hard to study when this beckons from the window?  The view from J’s living room:

The “lunch break” was good though.  A more sophisticated version of Lunchables – salmon on the Back to Nature stoneground wheat crackers.  Yes, the plate technically belongs to Yale dining.  Shhh, don’t tell them.

Along with a juicy, sweet peach (WF wasn’t lying when they advertised these as super delicious peaches) –

A mango lassi (made with one mango, some sugar, a cup of Organic Valley plain yogurt and ice) –

And pretzels and some crackers from box numero dos that we bought yesterday (Sesame Tarragon).

A bit of chocolate eased the transition from lunch mode to practice exam mode, but honestly, sitting still and thinking for six hours next week is going to be quite the challenge.


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