Beautiful Saturday

As I sit here munching pretzels and waiting to begin a six hour long practice exam, here is a recap of Saturday –

It all began with a cup of Stumptown Hairbender espresso and a loaf of bread + salmon.   Gotta get in those omega 3’s before test day, right?   Actually, I’m pretty sure I would devour tons of lox even if it were absolutely devoid of nutrition.  Then it was on to practice questions – covered portfolio management, accounting, ethics, and quant, I believe.

Ms. E was in town, so I left to seek out my other half.  Found her and her actual other half at Union Square.  We went to Stand for milkshakes (a mini pumpkin this time), then began the longer-than-expected journey uptown.  Sorry E!  But good (and silly) conversation was to be had – and the saunter from 14th and 5th to 57th and 1st ended up being a great time to catch up.

Then J and I proceeded to Bloomingdales to try on sunglasses (he finally picked out a pair of Raybans) and to Columbus Circle.  First Godiva for his free truffle of the month: a pistachio truffle enrobed in a beautiful spring green coating.  Truffle was good – very smooth and creamy, though I almost wish there had been a stronger pistachio flavoring.

Whole Foods was next, where it was surprisingly uncrowded – meaning there were only about 50 people in line instead of 100 (people, I’m not kidding about the numbers).  We picked up strawberries, hummus (two types!), coffee beans (Tanzania again), three boxes of Back to Nature crackers (I was going for one, but J threw two more into the cart), two bars of Dagoba (my whim this time), clams, peaches, and who knows what else.  By this time, it was 8pm, and we still had to take the subway back to LIC (1 down to Times Square and then 7 back to Vernon Blvd.), which would take approximately half an hour.

Dinner was a clam & tofu soup, cooked in a seaweed and shrimp stock.  A stock which, as we were walking back to the apartment, J told me may have been left on the burner the entire four hours we were gone.  Thankfully, he did remember to turn the burner off before leaving.  I still freaked out when he told me.  One day, we’re going to be in Manhattan and see flames across the East River.  And it will all be because J was cooking down a stock of some sort.  It’s bound to happen.

Carrots + hummus + crackers accompanied the soup.

This Cedar’s hummus was rated as one of the best store-bought hummuses (hummi?).  Our verdict?  We agree.  Intensely garlick-y (I believe a few years ago, this would have been a negative for me.  Now I can’t get enough…) and  creamy.  But unlike Sabra’s, which is too creamy, Cedar’s gets it just right.  I can’t explain it, but I just dislike Sabra’s hummus.

These crackers were also amazing.  Probably the flax seeds and touch of sea salt.  Very crunchy and flavorful.  Definitely gets X’s stamp of approval.  I think I had to place them out of reach before I killed the entire box in one night.

Post-dinner activities included watching the end of the Lakers vs Spurs game.  And sleeping.  Ahhhh, sleep – too bad I woke up after 7 hours.  I was hoping to sleep in =P


One thought on “Beautiful Saturday

  1. hi dearie! good to have seen you too =) other-half-time is always amazing and i never get enough of it! no worries about being late. my sister didn’t mind and i’m glad we got a chance to chat and catch up. love the pics! ❤ ❤ ❤

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