Question of the day: what is the net present value of all this studying?  Wouldn’t it be interesting if we were all to calculate NPV of any and all possible actions under consideration before actually doing anything?  Though, I suppose in that case, nothing would ever get done.  We’d all be arguing over discount rates and incremental (after-tax!) cash flows.

Ok!  So the past few days have equaled studying + chocolate, including a new discovery, Pretzel M&Ms!

After my recent pretzel-fest, I just had to get my hands on these.  Verdict?  Hm…not quite pretzel-y enough.  The taste reminded me of Crispy M&Ms, though a tad saltier and about twice the size.  Enjoyable, I’d say, but not as much as chocolate covered pretzels.  Serving sizes are small too, though, given the amount of chocolate I’ve eaten this weekend, perhaps that’s for the better.


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