I just spent five minutes thinking about whether I’m forgetting what I’m studying on a first-in-first-out basis or a last-in-first-out basis.  I swear, sometimes I read a sentence, turn the page, and immediately forget what I just read.  Actually, forget about turning the page.  Sometimes I forget what I’m reading about in the middle of the sentence.

It’s a beautiful day outside – 70 degrees and sunny.  Instead of basking in the sun, however, I have spent the past 5 hours of my life calculating COGS.  And cost of equity.  And WACC.  And basic and diluted EPS.  And beta.  And alpha and omega.  (Kidding on the last two.)

Life was made slightly better by this blueberry scone from Blue State, where I am sitting as I type (shh, J thinks I’m still studying):

Blackberry photo quality just doesn’t quite compare to the DSLR 😉

We were here last night to study, as well.  Had a cortado – not bad, but the espresso lacked the depth and sweetness that I’ve come to expect from quality coffee.  Drink size was slightly bigger than expected as well – I would have just called the drink a cappuccino.

Guess what else we did today?  Got some fried chicken from Popeyes.  I haven’t been there in forever.  Probably a good thing for my health.

Ok, back to the books!


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