New shoes!

After finding these to be so comfy – I swear, I feel like I’m wearing slippers whenever I slip these on –

I decided to buy another pair of Me Too’s:

I left them at work, so haven’t been able to try them on yet, but I’m highly optimistic.  I’ve found that these shoes have three stages:

(1) First time you slip them on: “Wow!  These are AMAZING!”

(2) Next few occasions: Waver between “Majorly comfy” and “Hmm…maybe these aren’t as amazing as I thought they were.”

(3) After the shoes have been broken in: Periodically look down at the shoes and think, “Love.”

On an unrelated noted, the volatility of equity markets has been remarkable.  Too much uncertainty in the world?  The depreciation of the euro, however, means more macarons and chocolate per USD.  And that, naturally, is a great thing.

Lastly, Ritter Dark Chocolate is fantastically good – very creamy, almost ganache-like in a way.  On the sweeter side, but that’s expected since it’s only a 50% bar.  In general, I’ve found Ritter to make very good chocolate (and I love the square packaging – I’m a math dork, can’t help it).


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