Coffee of the week: Allegro Tanzania Kanyovu

Oops – so I was wrong about last week, I had picked up the Tanzania beans last week as well, not the Rwanda beans.  I went to Whole Foods on Saturday in search of the Rwanda, but the search was futile.  However, I’ve enjoyed the Tanzania so much that I simply picked up another 1/3 pound.  The cup of coffee this morning was delectable.

Description: Flavors of blackberry, peach, tangerine, and black tea with a sweet honey finish.

Can’t say I really get the “flavors of blackberry, peach, tangerine,” but maybe my tastebuds just aren’t educated enough.  Still, I know a good cup of coffee when I see…er, taste…one.

In other news, the weekend was relatively uneventful.  We did try to Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake from Stand.  The milkshake was great (and honestly, the “mini” size was plenty large).  Creaminess to the max, and with just the right mix of smokiness and sweetness.  Mmm.  Definitely something best enjoyed in small sips.

Too much studying – but a month until Paris.  Yippee!


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