Coffee of the week: Allegro’s Rwanda Karaba

I am really enjoying this coffee!

Description: (light roast) brown sugar and honey, crisp acidity and a buttery finish.

That mouthwatering description drew me to the beans at Whole Foods this weekend.  Brown sugar and honey?  How could I resist?  And the coffee hasn’t disappointed.  Definitely a win.

Other new foods sampled over the past few weeks:

Organic Valley Cottage Cheese.  I’ve been wanting to try this cottage cheese for ages.  The price – nearly $5 a container – is a wee bit high, though.  This weekend, Whole Foods finally had it on sale, so I bought a container home to try.  I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed at first taste.  It wasn’t as creamy as I thought it would be, and the flavor lacked depth.  But then I had a few more bites and gradually liked it more and more.  With a little sugar, it tastes just like the filling in a cheese danish.  Mmm…

All Bran Bran Buds.  So I got a small package of these in the mail.  I opened them up, and first thought was, “GERBIL FOOD!”  I would know.  I’ve had gerbils over the years.  (They’re messy.)  But anyway, I gave it a try – and you know what?  They’re actually pretty good.  Somewhat nutty, very crunchy, and barely sweetened.

Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola Bars.  Picked this up at the NYC Grows fair in Union Square a few Saturdays ago.  Hemp?  Never tried it before.  I loved this granola bar, although it teetered on too sweet.  I brought it on the train with me, originally planning to have half and save half.  But I couldn’t stop at half, so I decided to save a quarter.  And then there was no more to save.  That’s the problem with granola bars, they’re so tiny.  Somehow, this bar brought to mind condensed milk… Maybe it was the hemp?  Now I’m curious to try hemp milk.

Nature’s Path Heritage O’s.  Another sample from the NYC Grows fair.  Nothing like Cheerios, though at first glance they look the same.  Not surprising, as this cereal is gluten free.  More airy and crunchy than Cheerios.  I also finished the small sample bag on the train.  I have no self control around cereal.  None.


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