Pictures round 2 – Guest post from J

I’m putting up some more pictures for X since I have the memory card from the camera.

X bought some macarons during lunch on Friday and was gracious enough to share =) She loves macarons. Loves.

For proof see:

We made our way down to Russ & Daughters so that X could continue her decimation of the world’s salmon fisheries.

Russ & Daughters serves up some of the best lox in a city that takes its lox seriously. Ergo seriously good lox.

On the way back home we bought plums from the fruit vendor in Long Island City

These guys didn’t survive the night.

We went to Bluebird coffee on Saturday and had some great coffee. X ordered a cortado and a pour-over.

Bluebird was followed by a visit to Katz’s.  The lines were blessedly short, the meat was blissfully delicious, my stomach was dreadfully full.  Totally worth the discomfort that followed

The J slayer

As an added bonus – an extra dose of X:

And now I shall make a speedy escape before X hunts me down for posting these.


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