Another belated post.

Ok, I’m falling behind.

Quick recap of last weekend:

Saturday: rainy weather, studying at Blue State (where we got a gimongous hot chocolate), Ivy Noodle for congee, then more studying at the Golden Center (where they had lots of Chex Mix and Oreos).  Afterwards, we dropped by Hull’s (where J picked up a picture frame, then decided to hang it up on my wall), then J-Mart for fruits and veggies.  Dinner was cauliflower and…I actually don’t remember.

Sunday: Cherry Blossom Festival at Wooster Square, then the taco carts out by the shore (where Jason ate six tacos), then Ikea (where we bought soft serve ice cream, 14 ounces of lox, chocolate, more chocolate, and cookies).  Dinner was cauliflower and broccoli redux, and some lox.

Pictures will be posted soon, I promise.

The week = CFA studying.  Too much studying.  Studying and then more studying.  Sigh.

This weekend:

Thursday: came into New York

Friday: Stumptown, then accounting workshop, then Russ and Daughters (Norwegian lox is DELICIOUS!), and lots of plums from the fruit cart (I think I ate four and two tangerines)

Saturday: Stumptown again (iced coffee this time), accounting workshop, then Bluebird Coffee (cortado and coffee) and Katz’s (pastrami sandwich).  Lesson of the day (well, J’s lesson of the day): don’t eat a whole pastrami sandwich in one sitting.  Except he attributes the uh…”consequences” to a cologne that he tried on at Sephora.

Sunday: rainy morning, then we went to the NYC Grows festival at Union Square (where we had samples of kettle corn, coffee, gelato, butter, cookies, asparagus & lamb, and other stuff).  It was pretty nifty, actually.  I wanted a haircut, so we walked down to Chinatown.  The guy cut it pretty short.  And thinned out a lot of my hair.  J picked up stuff from Hong Kong Mart while my hair was being chopped off.  And how would a Sunday be complete without a stop by Whole Foods?  I picked up some stuff for lunch for this week.  Back to LIC for dinner…

Pictures will be posted.  Soon.  CFA is eating up my time.  *shakes fist*


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