It’s the weekend again! The week felt long – I’m so glad it’s Friday. Although it is way too cold outside. Stepping out after work, I thought, “Wow, this feels like October.” *shakes fist at New Haven*

Anyway, a recap of last Sunday:

Morning started with toasted and untoasted slices of banana bread. Wedges, more rather. The entire loaf (minus one bite) was completely gone by noon that day. After some CFA studying, we decided to head out again. Destination? The top of East Rock.

This time, we walked down Orange Street, where we made a top-secret purchase. Then up and up until we reached the top.

It was a beautiful day.  A little hot, actually, so the breeze from the shore felt nice.

I tried to “tan”.  Don’t think I was too successful.

And then we opened our top-secret purchase.

How do Italians stay so skinny?!  Single serving packages of Nutella, complete with a plastic spoon contraption.

After sitting and enjoying the scenery, it was time to head back.  Some of the leftovers from Saturday comprised part of Sunday’s dinner.  All I had to do was add a package of frozen spinach and some scallops.  Amazingly good.

As for this week?  I’ve consumed inane amounts of tangerines and plums.  I think I bought four pounds of plums one day from Hong Kong mart.  And two dates, as well.  I can’t believe I used to dislike plums.  They rank among my favorite fruits now.

Off to enjoy my Friday evening!


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